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Gillian Anderson.
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    Gillian Anderson.

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  6. I recently installed something on my phone which lets me hide the ‘people you may know’ section from the Facebook mobile app. Not only is Facebook’s ability to recommend people I know as friends scarily accurate, but I kind of find it upsetting at just how happy everyone seems to be in their profile pictures.

    I’m not an idiot. I know that people choose the ‘middle-distance stare against an incredible background’ photo, the ‘here I am with my girlfriend look how happy we are’ photo or the ‘here’s me enjoying myself at a festival isn’t life wonderful’ photo as a result of the underlying need to portray oneself as a happy, normal (maybe even successful) human being on the Internet. I know that people aren’t their profile pictures. 

    Or maybe I’m wrong. Maybe these profile pictures aren’t necessarily a way to sell yourself online or prove to others that your life is amazing. Perhaps they’re just proof of happiness, a memento, a constant reminder to the uploader they they’ve done something in their life which mattered, they’ve done something they’ll cherish long after the event; a graduation ceremony, an anniversary, a trip to India, that time they ate a 10lb burger and got their photograph on a wall of fame.

    I don’t have that. I can’t remember ever having that. And what does my distinct lack of [happy profile picture] say about me to others?

    So I hide the thing because I can and I lie in bed and listen to some music and wonder if maybe I’m just doing life wrong.

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